Natural Love – For Orlando


In the Spirit of Alan Moore’s V


Domestic disturbances disrupt the delicate development of a darling doll. Devotion doesn’t definitively declare delight despite deft determination. Denial, discrimination, dislike, and disregard destroy, discourage, and develop a disturbing distress and disquiet. Deemed a disappointment and disaster, deceiver’s deplorable, devious deliberation and development of dangerous destruction and damage deepen. Disbelief we declare, delay in destroying dehumanization and decoding depression. Denounce our demand for distinct definitions in daily doings. Defend diversity and dissimilarity, or draft and deliver a design – a dark debt, a duplicate devastation.



Happy Belated Earth Day, Earth


Jenny Huynh's photo.

Carl Sagan abolishes any inkling of self-importance and human conceit in grandly scaling us back 6 billion kilometers to view our place in space. It’s a lovely place, a churning world, a place of survival and diversity, but a place that has become self-destructive globally and individualistic personally. Here in the US, our social construct idolizes self gain and wealth: pursue your goals and you’ve earned it, no social responsibility attached. Carl Sagan tries to underscore our littleness so that we may appreciate our being and our world, but our being here in modern society is so pigeon-holed and disconnected and our world is so ideologically and geographically split that the big picture is unfortunately out of the picture. Until we can discuss philosophy and sustainability seriously in the 3rd grade along with the solar system, until there is a world threatening Armageddon, until we actually care enough about one another to care about humankind, or until families don’t need to worry as much about providing food and normal childhood necessities, the environmental comprehension of our planet’s future will remain moving at a snail’s pace.